“TRoWC” Vocab


Bias—opinion or perspective that limits or “spins” facts (the opposite of “biased” is “neutral”)

Primary Sources—texts recorded by people who lived through the events they are describing (as opposed to “secondary sources,” which are recorded by people not at the time/place of the event)

Nuanced—responding to the details or depth of a topic rather than just focusing on the surface (the opposite of “nuanced” in this case would be “superficial”)

Literate—able to read and write

“Western”—a biased term referring to European-descended cultures that rely on: 1) Judeo-Christian religious/moral values, and 2) Ancient Greek/Roman-style democracy (the ability of citizens to vote or otherwise have an impact on the government). NOTE: while the opposite of “Western” should be “Eastern,” the term “Eastern” can also apply to a lot of different cultures, from the Middle East to the Far East.